Genius Hour

My Genius Hour is about building a bird house. Bird houses are good for projects and the community. It gives birds a place to live through harsh winters and nice summers. I have found out that birdhouses are not the easiest thing in the world to do. It takes some math as well so, yeah. Since starting this project there are a lot of different birdhouse types and a lot of creative one. There was one that I saw that was supposed to look like an old style camper that was really cool. The bird house that I am going to make is made out of wood

Buena Vista

For my college visit I went to Buena Vista. The campus its self is beautiful and unique. It has a really nice football field and sports complex. The dorms are nice and have FREE wifi ( I think that is the best part of the college). I cool part about the campus is that some of it is under ground, it also has a great view of the lake right next to it. The college its self has a lot to offer education wise. There are a lot of different courses  you could go with. The guide I went with told there are a lot of opportunities for traveling around the world. They have a really cool science exhibit with stuffed animals as well.

Spring Break

My spring  break was so dumb. It was mainly just boring and I did nothing special. All I did was homework and had to drive for Drivers Education. While everyone was having a good time in Washington D.C. I was back in Iowa having a terrible time, but I did watch the NCAA wrestling tournament. The best part about it was that all of the Iowa finalists lost. I don´t care for any Iowa wrestler or Iowa sports.  My step sister Lauren from Maryland came for spring break and we went to Sassy Strawberry like everyday, which was pointless and a waste of money, but it was good though. I was not even supposed to be in Iowa for spring break, but some stupid stuff happened and I was stuck in Iowa. At least we had a full week of spring break unlike last year we had like 2 or 3 days maybe. That was about the best thing about spring break, more time away from school. For Easter dinner we had pizza with the whole family. For the Easter day I did not do anything really special. For Easter I got new Jordan Burroughs that are red, black, and gold. The End

The Cruise

Every year we go to a gathering in October Called ” The Cruise to the Woods.” It is where all old cars and some really nice new cars gather.It is pretty cool how these old cars have survived through all these year.My grandpa has a car in the cruise which is pretty cool .The Cruise is be going on for a long time so there are a lot of die hard guys  out there.Really what you do is walk around and look at cars but NO TOUCHING cars is one of their biggest rules.There are a lot of people talking to each about their car or what car they used to have.For me and my family is big because our family from outer state even come.They have a very fun time and my cousins love cars and this is like heaven for them.So that is what the cruise to the woods is about.

Family Food

One of my families favorite food that my Grandma makes is her baked beans. Her baked beans our the best in the world.To make her beans it takes her hours to make it perfect. It tastes so good that when I have people over when she makes I have them eating and they eat it then the next time there over they ask is your grandma making her beans again.Not only does it taste good but it smells so good.Every year on the 4th of july she makes it for the party we hold every year.When she is making it before the party iam her taste tester and help her with getting supplies.My aunt one time came from Illinois (she is from the other side of the family)she had never tasted it before.So when she came and I had her try it and loved it and still asks me about it and got the recipe from her before she left.My grandma’s baked beans are sweeter than others beans and she puts bacon bits in it.The bacon bites taste very good with the beans its a awesome combination. She puts ketchup in it put you really cant notice that it is in there.